Amy Owens, a licensed counselor and seasoned singles coach, offers private coaching by appointment at her office or by phone for individuals and couples who are ready to make positive changes in their lives and relationships.

(Note: If you’re more comfortable in a group setting, please click to the Workshops page.)

Education & training

Amy Owens holds a Master’s Degree in counseling and is licensed as a mental health counselor by the State of Indiana. In addition to seeking specialized training in marital and family therapy, Amy studied personally with Dr. John Gray, developer of the Mars Venus model for understanding relationships.

Professional experience

For more than 20 years, Amy has worked in a private practice setting with individuals, couples and families, including 10 years devoted exclusively to singles.

Amy is known for dispensing insightful, practical advice, feedback and suggestions.

Personal experience

After a 24-year marriage, Amy was divorced and single for 10 years. During that time, she gained the experience and insights that she now shares with her students and clients.

Following her own advice, Amy ultimately met Mr. Right and married him in 1999.


Why Private Coaching?

Individuals and couples use private coaching when they want:

  • To get objective feedback from a knowledgeable source
  • To get personal suggestions, recommendations & referrals
  • To discuss a specific relationship issue, concern or crisis
  • To learn how to increase your appeal
  • To learn if you are on-target or off-base with a particular view or course of action

Benefits of private coaching

With feedback from a knowledgeable and objective source, you can:

  • Clarify your thoughts
  • Confirm your perceptions
  • Figure out your options
  • Ease your mind


“Thanks for all of your advice with my relationship. It really helped. Things are still going very well!”