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As a client of Blue Ribbon Singles, you will have the personal and sustained interest, concern and support of an experienced singles coach and matchmaker.  I will work as your personal agent, guide, cheerleader and matchmaker in your search for Mr. or Ms. Right.

Not only do I make matches for you, I also provide you with coaching and feedback so you can make the most of the dates you have.

Over and above making great matches for you, I help you put yourself “in love’s way”.  I guide and encourage you to put yourself in the right place, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.  Additionally, I collaborate with you to design a personalized Game Plan, in writing, to make this happen.  I share with you potent tips, information and “rules of the road” to expedite your search for your special someone.

I know from personal experience what it’s like to be “single and looking”.  I know how much effort (and time) it takes to put yourself out there to meet potential dating candidates.  I understand how disappointing bad dates can be, and I am personally aware of the toll those disappointments eventually take on your confidence and self-esteem.  As a dating single, it would have made a world of difference to me if I’d had someone knowledgeable and available to guide my journey and to support me when the going got tough.

As a client of Blue Ribbon Singles,  I will be your guide.

You may have been “single and looking” for a while, maybe even your whole life.  While a great relationship is worth the time it takes to find it, it’s also true that the meter is running on all of our lives as we speak.  You probably would like to “get there” as soon as possible.

As a busy professional, you may lack the time to filter through hundreds of possibilities to find your potential partner.  Working as your personal guide and matchmaker, I will expedite your search by doing the legwork for you.

Meet the Matchmaker

Singles CoachAmy Owens is an experienced and trusted guide for singles who are serious about finding life mates. She brings to her work a rich blend of personal experience and professional training.  For the past 10 years, Indianapolis-area singles have turned to Amy for help in their search for life partners.  More than 70 of her former clients are now married, and many others report they are moving in that direction. 

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Step 1: The process begins with a 90-minute in-depth interview in which I gather information about you and who you are looking for.
Step 2: After our initial interview, I review my database for possible matches. I also design a personalized Game Plan to help put you “in love’s way”.
Step 3: In a 60-minute interview, we review and refine your Game Plan. When a match is available, we make arrangements for your first meeting.

The introductions I arrange for you are truly “blind” dates. Neither you nor your date is given information about the other before you meet. You may find this surprising, but it actually works quite well. Clients who have tried meeting this way say they prefer it, as it allows them to truly “discover” their dates.

Once a potential match is identified, I contact both of you to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place for a lunch date. I make the reservation and you meet at the restaurant. After your date, you each phone me with your individual feedback and we proceed from there.

As a client of Blue Ribbon Singles, you have the opportunity to schedule private coaching sessions to address your personal questions and concerns. Coaching sessions and interviews are held at my private practice office, located on the north side of Indianapolis, on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Blue Ribbon Singles is a matchmaking service with a unique pricing structure. As a client, you pay only for the time I spend actually working with you or on your behalf. There are no contracts to sign, no packages to buy, no time limits, and definitely no pressure. You simply pay my fee of $100 per hour for the time I spend actually working with you or on your behalf.

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